Hopefully, this will be one of the last work emails you read while clothed in your pajama-best, with a beer in one hand, something unhealthy in the other, and your pet and 3 year old fighting over the coveted lap spot.

As such, we at accept.blue wanted to grab this opportunity to send out some jokes. Sending out dark humor is one of those things we can only get away with when the world is still a little higgledy-piggledy…And so, we collected the top eight quotes that made us laugh out loud; we sincerely hope it does the same to you.

Savor the moment, before you know it you’ll be sitting in a meeting that should never have happened, surreptitiously scrolling through old COVID-19 memes on your phone.

If I get ONE more Corona-virus email, I’ll…

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For millions of Americans, this isn’t exactly funny.
With the almost-complete halt to the economy resulting from COVID-19, it’s pretty much how they feel about themselves and their business.

There’s very little that is certain in today’s environment, but one thing is for sure: Now is the time to save! Now is the time to review each of your business expenditures and to critically evaluate if the expense is justified or not.

As an ISO, one of the largest expenses is undoubtedly the fees you pay to your gateway provider. Just because it’s how you’ve been doing things for many years doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the smartest way to run your business.

accept.blue is a payment gateway that will – guaranteed – deliver a better experience for you and your merchants and tremendously reduce your costs. With our low, flat monthly fee and no transaction fees, we’re confident in the promises we make.

Smart ISO’s are taking advantage if this downtime to incorporate more efficient and cost-effective systems so that they emerge from this crisis with a stronger and savvier business. Be smart. Be a saver.

ISO’s and ISV’s can grow during COVID-19!

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