Interchange Optimization: 4 Common Myths

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As a payment gateway highly-optimized for the B2B space, Interchange Optimization, or Level 2 and 3 Data, is featured regularly in our conversations with resellers. We’ve found that even with all the information out there, some misconceptions persist.

Here are the 4 most common myths we’ve come across when talking to ISOs and ISVs:

1) “None of my merchants would care to enter ~20 pieces of data to qualify for lower rates.” Ah, but what if we told you they don’t? With our next-gen payment gateway, all the manual labor is done on the backend, automatically, with zero input from the merchant necessary.

2) “The savings are not that significant”. We beg to differ. For B2B or B2G merchants processing Purchasing or Business cards, these savings really add up, lowering processing costs by as much as 1.25% on each qualifying transaction!

3) “The additional data will mess with their transaction reporting”. Nope, level 2/3 does not affect reporting at all. In fact, merchants won’t see any level 2/3 data displayed in their virtual terminal.

4) “The gateway’s cost for the feature swallows the profit it will bring my merchants”. Sure, with other gateways maybe. With, automated IO is included with every merchant account at no additional cost!


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