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Behind every successful ISO…

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In your world, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is, without a doubt: the merchant. We know you’ve got your merchants’ back by providing exceptional service, comprehensive solutions, and a seamless processing experience.

The question is, whose got YOUR back? is a payment gateway built by ninjas, gurus, warriors and plenty of geeks with the best brains in the industry. What we all share in common is a rock-solid commitment to support ISO’s with the resources and tools they need to process smoother, grow their profits, and look better at the job.

With our industry changing Schedule A, zero transaction or any additional fees, we’ve obviously taken that commitment very seriously. Our automatic Level 2/3, Smart routing and other innovative features keep those savings growing. By fully white-labeling every product (at no extra cost), our ISO’s are looking sharper and better than ever! 

Question answered.

PSA: Fraud can cost you more than peace of mind…

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The above notification was recently received by Resellers via email. AFDS refers to Advanced Fraud Protection Suite. Beginning March 1st, 2020, these ISO’s will have to decide between leaving their merchants completely unprotected or offering up yet another chunk of their hard-earned profits to their payment gateway provider.

Now, there are luxuries we can’t afford, (e.g., that third chocolate eclair). But providing fraud protection for your merchants should never be anything less than standard, and neither should it cost. If you’re an ISO providing payment processing, you have only one option, to provide secure payment processing. is a modern payment gateway that provides a complete suite of innovative payment solutions along with the most advanced and customizable fraud modules available today. From AVS and CVV responses, IP/email/domain blockers, Duplicate detection, a Risk score assessment, and many more modules – transaction fraud is one thing your merchants will never worry about again.

Oh, and it’s free.

An eager-to-please team member will be happy to talk to you about how you too can offer your merchants peace of mind, without costing you anything else.

To B2B or not to B2B?

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All merchants are not created equal.

Every vertical has its specific requirements, expectations and pain-points. As a successful ISO, you retain the knowledge and abilities to satisfactorily service each merchant. But did you ever wonder which merchant was most advantageous to your bottom line?

Merchants, specifically B2B, who process CNP transactions are not only easier and simpler to service, they are also more lucrative. CNP equals zero hardware, and we don’t need to tell you how many issues are caused by those bums. B2B also means fewer but larger transactions, which translates into bigger profits with less input. is a payment gateway optimized for the B2B merchant. Featuring an intuitive virtual terminal with automatic level 2&3 data, built-in invoicing, ACH processing and many more advanced solutions, its everything, and the only thing, your merchant will ever need.

Dominate the B2B space by getting set up with a white-labeled, zero-transaction-fee gateway today! 

I do modeling on the side…

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Here’s an interesting statistic that recently made headlines in the retail space:

“At some point during 2020, user experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator”.

Why should you care? Because this statement applies to every sector, including the payment industry. This means your merchants definitely care about the user interface and experience of the gateway they engage with on a daily basis. Providing them with the tools and features they count on is great, but if the gateway lacks in aesthetics, usability and intuitiveness, they’ve got one foot out the portal.

At the payment gateway, we’ve placed an intense focus on providing a product that is not only packed with cool features and solutions, but is also modern, clean, beautiful and an absolute pleasure to navigate.

Don’t trust an email. See for yourself by scheduling a demo today at, or by simply replying to this email.