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Not another Doomsday report…

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We all get bombarded with products, software and apps that promise to increase our productivity at work. Some actually deliver on that promise, while others fall flat.

One grossly overlooked but highly effective productivity tool is humor. In fact, in a paper for the Journal of Business and Psychology, an Australian study found that people who engaged in some sort of humorous activity while at work doubled their output as compared to those who didn’t get a laugh or two throughout the day.

In this depressing situation, with COVID-19 sending us bad vibes all the time, it’s even more important to smile, laugh and joke from time to time.

As a payment gateway committed to streamlining your work-process and increasing your efficiency, proudly presents: Simply send an email to, and receive a humorous quote, cartoon or meme to your inbox, free of charge, to help you cope with the stressful times of today. 

Do you speak API?

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When asked “What is an API?”, most people wouldn’t bother pretending and immediately admit defeat. (Of course, there’s always one guy in the office that won’t go down without a fight and will venture something like “Automated Plumbing Installation…?”).

Regardless of what it stands for, (Application Programming Interface), API’s are now one of the most important components of payment processing. In a nutshell, API’s are what allow for various third-party software to be integrated with the payment terminals or gateways the merchant is using. Think of it as the bridge between the merchants’ website/payment page/software and the processing tools provided by the ISO; facilitating seamless, streamlined operations. 

For the ISO that is preparing to meet the demands of today’s tech-savvy merchant, a gateway with an open API is a basic requirement. is an advanced and intuitive payment gateway that offers the cleanest, simplest API library available today, making custom integrations a breeze.

To hear more about our industry changing, zero-transaction-fee payment gateway, simply reply to this email.

Behind every successful ISO…

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In your world, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is, without a doubt: the merchant. We know you’ve got your merchants’ back by providing exceptional service, comprehensive solutions, and a seamless processing experience.

The question is, whose got YOUR back? is a payment gateway built by ninjas, gurus, warriors and plenty of geeks with the best brains in the industry. What we all share in common is a rock-solid commitment to support ISO’s with the resources and tools they need to process smoother, grow their profits, and look better at the job.

With our industry changing Schedule A, zero transaction or any additional fees, we’ve obviously taken that commitment very seriously. Our automatic Level 2/3, Smart routing and other innovative features keep those savings growing. By fully white-labeling every product (at no extra cost), our ISO’s are looking sharper and better than ever! 

Question answered.

PSA: Fraud can cost you more than peace of mind…

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The above notification was recently received by Resellers via email. AFDS refers to Advanced Fraud Protection Suite. Beginning March 1st, 2020, these ISO’s will have to decide between leaving their merchants completely unprotected or offering up yet another chunk of their hard-earned profits to their payment gateway provider.

Now, there are luxuries we can’t afford, (e.g., that third chocolate eclair). But providing fraud protection for your merchants should never be anything less than standard, and neither should it cost. If you’re an ISO providing payment processing, you have only one option, to provide secure payment processing.┬áis a modern payment gateway that provides a complete suite of innovative payment solutions along with the most advanced and customizable fraud modules available today. From AVS and CVV responses, IP/email/domain blockers, Duplicate detection, a Risk score assessment, and many more modules – transaction fraud is one thing your merchants will never worry about again.

Oh, and it’s free.

An eager-to-please team member will be happy to talk to you about how you too can offer your merchants peace of mind, without costing you anything else.