Of course you know your gateway fees, we would never suspect otherwise.

But because we have a hangup with the axiom “Better safe than stone broke”, we took the liberty of providing you with a sample of some possible and probable “auxiliary costs” you just might be paying:

We have a couple more to add, but you’re sweating already and reaching for that Schedule A you have stashed somewhere, so we’ll stop here. Do yourself a favor and really get to know how much your paying your gateway provider each month.

Resell a gateway that will grow – not cut – your profits month after month!

A get-to-know-your-schedule-A event

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We are proud to announce the accept.blue integration with the leading online ordering platform Restolabs. As an integrated payment gateway, resellers of accept.blue can now offer this valuable solution to restaurants and fast food establishments. This partnership is in response to the growing demand of online and contactless ordering solutions. Now more than ever, merchants are looking for online ordering solutions.  The Restolabs platform backed by the accept.blue gateway is truly something both ISO’s and merchants will love!

About Restolabs:
Restolabs is a zero commission, personalized online ordering system with Menu and Ordering management that integrates with your existing POS system. As value added features, Restolabs has incorporated work-flow automation, built-in marketing tools such as reward and coupon programs, customer analytics and social media integrations.

You can contact Restolabs by visiting www.restolabs.com, through email at info@restolabs.com or by phone: 775.530.4387

About accept.blue:
accept.blue is a new, disruptive payment gateway provider who is the secret sauce behind hundreds of successful ISO’s and ISV’s.  Leveraging interchange optimization and smart routing technology, accept.blue is the most cost-effective gateway solution available to ISO’s and MSP’s nationwide. In addition to a virtual terminal, accept.blue features ACH processing, Recurring billing, Electronic invoicing, Secure customer vault and extensive Fraud modules.  For more information, email u2@accept.blue 

accept.blue <> Restolabs Integration

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