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Interchange optimization has never been easier. The gateway has automated the tedious and manual process of adding level 3 data to each transaction, giving ISO’s and their merchants big savings on interchange rates without anyone lifting a finger.
Modern UX/UI
We are so done with outdated, clunky and confusing gateways. We’ve invested tremendous effort in building a beautiful, clean and easy-to-navigate product, and based on the feedback we get, we’ve definitely succeeded.
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Looking to process a check instead of a credit card? No problem, our gateway has check processing built right into the virtual terminal, giving merchants even more ways of accepting payments.
ЗD Secure
Eliminate chargebacks, increase approvals and reduce false declines. The gateway supports 3D secure transactions, protecting merchants from the all-to-common “friendly fraud” lurking everywhere.
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Full White Label
As an exclusively white-labeled gateway, we give our ISO’s the incredible benefits of a stronger brand and stickier merchants. Unlike some other gateways out there, our white-label is full, not “co-branded”.
“Set it and forget it” has never been truer than on our virtual terminal. With various options to choose from, merchants can easily create subscription-based payments that fit their exact needs.
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Customer Vault
If there’s anything that makes a merchant’s life easier it’s having a customer vault where they can store all their customers information, including multiple payment methods. All the sensitive data is tokenized.
Invoicing Suite
The virtual terminal features, (boasts), a built-in electronic invoicing suite, allowing merchant to easily collect payments by simply sending an email to their customers.
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Fraud Protection
With ten modules (!) and extensive customization, the security our VT offers is second to none. Block transactions based on amount, email/IP address and domain. Set your preferred risk score. Customize your AVS and CVV response and much more.