To B2B or not to B2B?

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All merchants are not created equal.

Every vertical has its specific requirements, expectations and pain-points. As a successful ISO, you retain the knowledge and abilities to satisfactorily service each merchant. But did you ever wonder which merchant was most advantageous to your bottom line?

Merchants, specifically B2B, who process CNP transactions are not only easier and simpler to service, they are also more lucrative. CNP equals zero hardware, and we don’t need to tell you how many issues are caused by those bums. B2B also means fewer but larger transactions, which translates into bigger profits with less input. is a payment gateway optimized for the B2B merchant. Featuring an intuitive virtual terminal with automatic level 2&3 data, built-in invoicing, ACH processing and many more advanced solutions, its everything, and the only thing, your merchant will ever need.

Dominate the B2B space by getting set up with a white-labeled, zero-transaction-fee gateway today! 

I do modeling on the side…

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Here’s an interesting statistic that recently made headlines in the retail space:

“At some point during 2020, user experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator”.

Why should you care? Because this statement applies to every sector, including the payment industry. This means your merchants definitely care about the user interface and experience of the gateway they engage with on a daily basis. Providing them with the tools and features they count on is great, but if the gateway lacks in aesthetics, usability and intuitiveness, they’ve got one foot out the portal.

At the payment gateway, we’ve placed an intense focus on providing a product that is not only packed with cool features and solutions, but is also modern, clean, beautiful and an absolute pleasure to navigate.

Don’t trust an email. See for yourself by scheduling a demo today at, or by simply replying to this email.

“Self-Driving” Gateway?

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Don’t you hate when you just finished a 5 minute monologue describing your issue to a customer service representative only to realize that you’re speaking to an automated robot representative?!

Some stuff does work better automated.

Like Level 2/3 data input on card transactions. 

Level 2/3 data refers to certain fields of information that, when provided in a transaction, can significantly lower the interchange rates on B2B transactions. We’re not talking small change.  The rates can drop anywhere from 0.65% up to 1.15% on each transaction! That’s a pretty penny right there.

Ahhh… you ask what’s the catch?  To be eligible for these great rate reductions, the merchant must provide additional information on each charge, such as SKU, product name, description, etc. (approximately 20 additional fields!) 

Now, savings are nice, but not at the steep price of manual labor.

Enter Our intelligent payment gateway will auto-fill the required information to qualify every B2B transaction for the lower interchange rates, without you lifting a finger.

Profit-conscious and lazy? We’ve got your back. Just hit reply to get started!