Tuesday, Sept. 8th, 2020

Dear Diary,

It gets to me sometimes…all the hype and paparazzi. The endless demos I need to attend (Click here for my next appearance), intrusive questions I feel pressured to answer (“What’s your downtime?”, excuse me!), and high expectations to live up to (“Top-ranked UX/UI”).

Sure, I get it, it’s the life of a software celebrity, and it’s the life my skilled team of developers spent four years crafting, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get stressful.

But hey, the show must go on! I will keep on performing, keep on rolling out features that will amaze my ISO’s and their merchants, and keep on being the most responsive and supportive payment gateway out there.

accept.blue, a.k.a. “software celeb”

Attention ISO’s: Stop reading celebrity gossip and actually get to know one! Reach out at www.accept.blue and speak to a team member today!

Diary of a software celebrity

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Of course you know your gateway fees, we would never suspect otherwise.

But because we have a hangup with the axiom “Better safe than stone broke”, we took the liberty of providing you with a sample of some possible and probable “auxiliary costs” you just might be paying:

We have a couple more to add, but you’re sweating already and reaching for that Schedule A you have stashed somewhere, so we’ll stop here. Do yourself a favor and really get to know how much your paying your gateway provider each month.

Resell a gateway that will grow – not cut – your profits month after month!

A get-to-know-your-schedule-A event

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