Powerful fraud protection…without lifting a finger.

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Cartoons are all good and funny, but we never take fraud lightly.

Fraud protection has always been a key focus of the accept.blue payment gateway and something we take very, very seriously. As payments become embedded everywhere and friction points are moved aside, the potential for “funny business” (the not-funny type) becomes a greater concern than ever.

From the get-go, we made the most advanced fraud controls available to every merchant at no additional cost. 

These modules include an AVS and CVV filter, Email, IP address and Country blockers, Duplicate detection for eCommerce, Velocity control, BIN blocker and much more. All of them easy-to-navigate, comprehensive and highly customizable.

Recently, we’ve gotten even more serious about card testing.

In response to the growing scourge of card-testing, we’ve configured our Velocity control module to be automatically deployed to every merchant account so that every merchant is protected, whether they set up the proper defenses on their website or not.

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