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Batch Upload!

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We’re excited to officially welcome Batch Upload to the family of advanced payment features!

Batch Upload is a tool that allows merchants to upload a csv file of multiple transactions and have the gateway process all of them with a single click instead of manually keying in each one. This will save your merchants time, effort, cost and countless human errors.

It’s as easy as uploading a csv file with the required headers (you can use our template), clicking on “Process Transactions” and presto- you’re hundreds or thousands of transactions in the future!

Some highlights to this game-changing solution:

Card and ACH/Check batch uploads.
Unlimited number of transactions per file.
Downloadable templated file with headers.
Comprehensive post-transaction reporting.
As with all our VT features, at no additional cost!

And it isn’t just Batch Upload. With the payment gateway, your merchants will find intuitive payment tools and cost-cutting features such as Automated interchange optimization, Fraud controls, Invoicing suite, Recurring payments and much more.

Questions? Talk to us, we’re ready, able and happy to help!