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The rise and fall of a card-tester…

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Once upon other gateways…

Fraudsters would have a great time setting up bots to test stolen credit cards, a.k.a., card-testing, on any open payment form or checkout page, running tens of thousands of micro-transactions in a short amount of time. Ouch. (The easiest defense would have been implementing a properly-configured captcha tool, but not every merchant was careful to do so.)

Along came the gateway…

The Velocity module, (one of many tools in every merchant’s Fraud Center), automatically deploys a default velocity check that is set to intuitively recognize card testing based on specific parameters. If these boundaries are crossed, the activity is flagged as card testing and the source is immediately disabled, blocking further testing. Merchants can always customize the module to suit their specific needs.

And the bad card-tester was never heard from again. The end.
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