Do you have YOUR OWN gateway? 3 Reasons Why You Should.

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Professionalism. By having a gateway truly white-labeled with your company’s name, logo, theme etc., you give your merchants the understanding that they are dealing with a processor that is a mile ahead. Your merchants will love that you are familiar with every aspect of the industry. 

They might not salute you the next time you meet them, but we’re betting they’ll be a bit more conscious of that coffee stain on their shirt.

Security.  This is how your merchants see it: If every aspect of their business is handled by you alone, that equals more security. You know how too many cooks spoil the stew, burn the broth, mess up the mousse (you get the gist). The less hands involved in their payments, the less systems involved in each transaction, the less possibilities for frustration.

Competition. Your merchants do not need to know how you run your side of the business. The less they know about the resources you rely on, the better. This way, they won’t be tempted to compare rates, features etc. with other ISO’s using the same systems and software. If the gateway they are using and enjoying is only available with you, they’ll think twice (actually, they’ll quit the whole thinking thing entirely) about entertaining a different ISO. is proud to offer full and free white-label Virtual Terminal to its ISO’s, so get with the program and start playing the big leagues. Visit and contact a rep to get set up with your white-label payment gateway today!