So, you want to be a B2B gateway?

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There’s a lot of talk out there about B2B payment gateways, but between the two of us and your pet computer, it takes more than a virtual terminal to be a complete solution to these lucrative merchants.

Here are 4 key requirements to look for in a gateway in determining if it is, indeed, the right product for your B2B and B2G merchants:

  • Automated Interchange Optimization / Level 2&3 Data. IO can save these businesses hundreds or more in monthly processing costs.
  • ACH/Check Processing. Many B2B verticals still leverage ACH as a form of payment, does your VT support that?
  • Electronic Invoicing. A comprehensive invoicing tool is important to these merchants, allowing customer-initiated transactions.
  • Integrated B2B Software. Plugins to platforms like NetSuiteSalesforce and more can be crucial to many B2B merchants.

There are, of course, more features to consider when researching a bona-fide B2B gateway, (such as a secure Customer Vault and an Open API), but the above mentioned items make for a good start.

To learn more about why the gateway is the smartest choice for your enterprise merchants, speak with a team member today!